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Board Minutes

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1.Call To Order. Our President Andy Taber called the meeting to order at 7:00 P. M.

2.Pledge Of Allegiance. Our President led us in the Pledge.

3.Roll Call. Present were.Andy Taber, Bob Michaelis, Shirley Martin, Jeff Hall, Dale Bertch, Tom Majewski, Perry Yanniki, Rich Dixon, Bob Eklund, and; Bill Leichtman, Mike Smith was excused and Ed Tulgetske was absent.

4.Approval of Agenda. Bob Michaelis made a motion to approve the agenda. Clayton Jolly 2nd it. A vote was taken and all voted yes.

5.Approval of Minutes. Bob Michaelis made a motion to approve the minutes and Shirley Martin 2nd the motion. A vote was taken and all voted yes.

6.General Announcements.
A. Volunteers are appreciated and needed to help keep the ranges open weekends and help keep the facilities  maintained. Please volunteer.

7. Financial Report. The Club is in good shape financially. The balance of our accounts is $28,857.82.The report was accepted.

8.Mail Call.; None

9.Membership Report. We have 225 renewals year to date and we have 7 new Membership Applications to vote on tonight. They are Ralph Dimino of Mikado, Gary Schafer of Richmond, MI, Jeff Hall Jr of Oscoda, MI, Dana Harver of Oscoda, MI, John Waldvogel of Otawas Lake, MI, Herbert E. Farcier Jr of East Tawas, MI and Alan Neeley of Oscoda, MI. All were voted in.

10.Shooting_Range Reports. Help is needed at both ranges. Shirley Martin gave a talk asking for help at both ranges on weekends.

11.Old Business.
A. Intensified Technology is continuing with the updates
B. Dedicated Pistol Range at Tawas Discussed. We will attempt to get free dirt to establish berms for a pistol range where the old shot gun range was.
C. The concrete floor and the Tawas Shooting Shed was Tabled.
D. Bob Michaelis made a motion to move the June and September membership meetings to Saturday Evenings so that more people from out of town could attend. Bob Michaelis later withdrew his motion after the membership said they did not think it was a good idea.
E. Club House Floor at the Tawas Range. Dave Anderson made a motion that no new projects could be started until  the flooring at the Tawas Range is replaced and completed. The motion was 2nd by Pat Nester and a vote was taken. We had 21 people voted yes and 7 voted no. The motion passed.

12.New Business.
A. It was suggested that we buy coffee Cups with the Club Name on them and sell them for $5.00 Each We could buy 108 cups for $200.00.
B. It was suggested that we buy a tractor for mowing grass at the Oscoda Range.

13.Comments: Members at large. None.

14.Election of Officers. Candidates are: Dave Anderson, Mark David, Keith Moir, Clayton Jolley, Dave Rataj, Mike Smith and Dan Welton. A vote was taken and the following were elected. Dave Anderson, Mark David, Keith Moir and Dan Welton.

15.Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P. M.
Respectfully Submitted
Bill Leichtman.