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Wurtsmith Range 

The former Wurtsmith Air Force Base Small Arms Firing Range now officially belongs to the Iosco Sportsmen’s Club, and is finally open as the "Wurtsmith Range" of the Iosco Sportsmen's Club. Much work was been done prior to the first round being fired after the grand opening in May of 2007.

The property has been formally surveyed. The boundaries of the 50 acres have been fenced with chain link fencing and appropriately signed for safety. In 2005 and in 2006, two grants from the NRA Foundation were received that provide money used in preparation for the opening of the range. The club thanks the NRA Foundation for their support and this support has been formally recognized by a large sign at the range. The sign was constructed and donated by Truly Yours of Oscoda.

The property was logged by the DNR prior to transfer to the club, and additional logging was done to clear adequate areas for the new ranges. The club generated a significant amount of cash from this logging project that has been used for Wurtsmith Range development.

In 2004, the club purchased 2000 yards of fill to be used for berm and backstop construction. In order to construct the ranges, much more fill was needed. This fill was obtained from several borrow pits on the back of the property and by altering the existing grade slightly. More than 15,000 yards of sand were moved in the process. A substantial portion of the excavating was done by Tawas Sand and Gravel at a very reasonable price.

Construction of a brand new 300-yard rifle range has been completed with a covered shooting shed, target frames and additional work has been authorized.

The existing 100-yard range now has full side berms to the firing line for added safety.

Two 25 yard and two 50 yard fully bermed ranges have been newly constructed and some remodeling of the existing clubhouse has been done.
The club purchased a used "five stand" sporting clays unit and shoots have begun.

The desk at the Wurtsmith Range is now manned Friday, Saturday and Sunday to allow the range to be open to the public. Volunteers are needed to man the desk.

The board of directors authorized the creation of the Iosco Sportsmen’s Club Wurtsmith Range Founders Club. The Founders Club allows those wishing to make a contribution to the new range project, the opportunity to do so. In exchange for your donation, you will receive a club membership, a plaque recognizing your contribution, and range passes that can be used your extended family, friends and business associates who wish to shoot at the range but are not Iosco Sportsmen’s Club members. All the monies donated to the Founder’s Club will be used for the Wurtsmith Range project. You may, if you wish, specify where your dollars are to be spent.

As with many nonprofit organizations, a few members do much of the work. Our club is no exception. In order to have opened and continue to improve the Wurtsmith Range, we ask that all who wish to see the range project continue to move quickly along commit to by volunteering your energy and/or financial support.

Please make it a point to attend one of the work bees. If you have a special skill that could be used in the range project, please make one of the board members aware of your willingness to help out.

The entire club membership as well as the local shooting community can help make the Wurtsmith Range into the finest shooting facility in northern Michigan.

Click here for a Founders Club application form. Founders Club contributions can be mailed to:

Iosco Sportsmen's Club
P.O. Box 47
East Tawas, MI 48730